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Go-to Dimensional and Live Edge Lumber Suppliers in Edmonton

If you are someone who likes indulging in woodworking projects, you would know the importance of getting your lumber supply from trusted sources. The wooden items you craft are only as good as the quality of the lumber you use. At Kingma Lumber Masters, we understand this. That’s why we offer top-grade dimensional and live edge lumber in Edmonton. From Red and White Oak to Purple Heart and Curly Maple, we carry a wide variety of species that will leave you spoiled for choice.

Connect with us today, and browse our wide selection of species in stock to choose the one that’s perfect for you.

Walnut wood texture

Live Edge Lumber

We carry different live edge species in stock. Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Big Leaf Maple, Black Cherry, Russian Olive, Greek Olive, Red Oak, White Oak, American Elm, English Walnut, Apple, and Cedar are just the beginning of our species list. Most of our live edge slabs are urban salvage, giving the tree a new life as custom furniture made by us or by other talented woodworkers. Our slabs are dried using a dehumidification kiln to keep their rich colours in them for more beautiful furniture. They are dried to 6-10% moisture content and are ready to work with once you take them home.

When it comes to live edge lumber, most businesses will only sell you a full slab. That’s not the case at Kingma Lumber Masters. We provide you with whatever length you need for your project as long as there is 42” of the slab left over for use in another project.

Different types of wood stacked together in a warehouse
Piles of wooden boards

Dimensional Lumber

Our dimensional lumber supplier is a small business in Ontario, about the same size as our company. The lumber is NHLA-graded, so you can trust the quality you’re buying. It is traditionally kiln-dried, which helps give a consistent colour to our Black Walnut. The lumber comes in 8-16’ lengths, but we can sell you whatever length you need.

We offer grades from Rustic to FAS - Select and Better. The species we most often stock are Black Walnut, Hard Maple, and White oak. We currently have other species in stock, like Wenge, Purple Heart, Curly Maple and even Padauk

Brown wood texture

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Hardwood Lumber

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