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Skilled Manufacturer of Custom Furniture in Edmonton

Are you searching for durable and classy custom furniture in Edmonton crafted by skilled woodworkers? Kingma Lumber Masters is the place for you. Our team has 13 years of combined woodworking experience in many different types of projects. Over those years, we have gained the knowledge needed to get the job right and in the most professional way possible.

Our shop has all the unique tools, including Festool, an OMTech laser, a Precix CNC, and many others, to do the job accurately. Give us a call today to share your service requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Walnut wood texture

Well-equipped Service Providers

We specialize in live edge and epoxy river tables. Our green and kiln-dried slabs come from many suppliers. We work with other small businesses in Ontario and British Columbia to find the right trees, custom-mill them, and dry them to specifications as needed for our environment. Our team uses Treepoxy from Edmonton, Canada, for all of our projects that require epoxy. Since it is such a premium product, we also retail it to our customers so that you can get it for an affordable price.

Living room with a centre table


Whether you need a board room table for your office or a centre table for your living room, we’ve got you.



We have been crafting unique, eye-pleasing, and durable wooden doors for people throughout Canada.



Shelves, cabinets, wooden artwork — just name what you want, and we will make it for you just as you like it.

Brown wood texture

Need a Customized Table?

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