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All about Kingma Lumber Masters

Kingma Lumber Masters came into being in 2018. Zach Kingma, our Business Manager and Lead Woodworker, began this journey working from his parents shed with under 150 board feet of lumber “in stock”. His mission was, and is, to provide quality and affordable wood for his own projects and friends and family. In 2019, his father, Sid Kingma, and brother Josh Kingma joined the business as partners to help manage the company's growth. After running the business from the family’s garage for 18 months, we finally moved to our current 1400 sqft location in 2020, and most recently moved to an even larger space. Over the years, we have grown immensely. Today, we have an excess of 8000 board feet of wood as well as epoxy, table legs, and other woodworking materials and support. We currently have a team of 4 people working on custom projects such as tables, doors, and laser/CNC projects to meet your unique needs.

Walnut wood texture

Our Mission

At Kingma Lumber Masters, our mission is to provide an alternative to the big box stores and offer a more personal customer experience when purchasing wood supplies. We do our best to keep lower prices and pass on those savings to our customers.

We are very environmentally conscious. The bulk of our wood slab inventory comes from sustainable harvesting. This includes trees that are harvested because of becoming a safety concern for their owners. Often we are aware of the trees’ history and can pass along that story to you as it becomes your furniture piece.

Epoxy wooden table. A cup of coffee and a book on the table

Giving Back to the Community

While we have been operating as a business, we have planted over 3800 trees in British Columbia and South America, with the majority being in British Columbia. We do this in partnership with One Tree Planted and plant these trees with a portion of every sale we make. When we build a furniture item, such as a table, we plant 10 trees. By doing so we give back to the sustainability of our industry and keep our planet healthy.

As a responsible business, we also love to give back to our local community. We have worked with non-profit organizations such as Little Warriors, a Canadian National company that focuses on the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse.

We have also donated tables, cutting boards, and signs to a variety of silent auctions around the city of Edmonton for registered charities to use in their fundraising activities.

Meet Our Team

Zach Kingma

Zach Kingma

Business Manager and Lead Woodworker

Being one of the founders of the company, Zach has been with the company for 6 years. His expertise is in epoxy pours. Known as one of the go-to guys in Edmonton for epoxy questions, he has seen and done it all! He also has a vast knowledge of wood species and the best uses in furniture for them. Other than Zach’s passion for wood, he also likes to indulge in the occasional Craft Beer. Some say it’s the way to his heart.

Cole Efird

Cole Efird

Laser Specialist and Woodworker

Cole has been with Kingma Lumber Masters for 4 months and is thriving. He has a lot of previous knowledge of woodworking, working in a cabinet shop and having a Diploma in Forestry. Cole’s background with the cabinet shop and his love for electronics has caused him to become a laser wiz and can get almost any design you need on your project. Cole has a passion for Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Ask him about his Chewbacca call!

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Josh Kingma

Business Developer and Woodworker

Josh was brought in by Zach 6 months after the company started to help reinforce it and accelerate its growth in many ways. Josh brings an excellent work ethic to the company, along with the patience to learn what needs to be done behind the scenes. Josh has an obsession with cars. Try your hand at beating him with vehicle knowledge if you dare!

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Sid Kingma

Business Developer and Salesman

Without Sid, Kingma Lumber Masters probably wouldn’t be around. In 2017 Sid pushed Zach to find some suppliers of his own for his projects, and the rest is history. Sid brings the most financial experience to the company, giving it the right direction while it grows. If you catch him in the shop, be sure to chat about hockey with him, as he’s a die-hard Oilers fan!

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