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High-quality Epoxy River Tables in Edmonton

Epoxy river tables are a popular choice for home and business owners to add elegance and raw charm to their interiors. If you also require well-crafted epoxy river tables in Edmonton, look no further than Kingma Lumber Masters. Our team has poured between 2000 and 3000 litres of epoxy over the past 5 years, the largest pour being 270 litres for a board room table. We are currently supplying and using Ice TREEPOXY. Treepoxy is a superior epoxy that is crystal clear! It is an excellent product with a cure time of 3 days,

which allows the bubbles to naturally off-gas without the need for any heat gun or torch.

So, why wait? Talk to a member of our team today to get your hands on a classy epoxy river table.

Walnut wood texture

Our Products

We offer the following products:

  • TREE SAP: It is an epoxy used for small knots, cracks, and flood coating with a max pour of up to 1” thick.

  • TREE BOARD: It is used for charcuterie and other projects that require up to 1.5” thickness.

  • TREE CAST: It is the most popular seller of all our products and can be poured up to 3” thick. It pours crystal clear and is the best option for large volumes.

*We recommend safety gear such as, but not limited to, gloves and safety glasses for pours to protect yourself.*

Dining table
Brown wood texture

Get Elegant Epoxy River Tables

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