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Professional CNC and Laser Engraving Services in Edmonton

Whether you want to create eye-catching business logos or customized gifts for your loved ones, Kingma Lumber Masters has the perfect tools for cutting and engraving items. We offer CNC machining and laser engraving services in Edmonton to meet your specific needs. Our team is experienced in laser work and can deliver the required designs efficiently. With the laser’s lightning-fast speed and incredible detail that it can provide, we can produce almost any design that our customers request. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we will take it from there.

Walnut wood texture

High-performance CNC Machining

At Kingma Lumber Masters, we offer the services of a large 52x96” CNC and a 20x28” 60-watt CO2 laser engraver. CNC has a lot of capabilities but is mostly used for flattening services. We offer slab and table flattening priced by square foot. It is $13/sqft for wood or slabs and $15/sqft for a river table. For example, a 5x3 feet table would be $190 or $220 for a table or slab fully flat on both sides.

Person holding a sample of Cedar wood on their hand
Brown wood texture

Edmonton’s Choice for Precise Laser Engraving

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