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At Kingma Lumber Masters, we strive to make your furniture-buying experience very convenient. That’s why we offer an online shopping service. Simply choose the product you like, and it will be yours in a few clicks. We offer shipping services across Canada. Happy shopping!

Black Walnut Table

Big Leaf Maple Table

About Our Products

At Kingma Lumber Masters, we provide quality in our custom furniture and that quality extends into our pre-made/made-to-order Canadian Black Walnut and Big Leaf Maple dining tables and coffee tables. 


We offer a few options in this category, including 2 species (Black Walnut and Maple), 4 leg options (Diamond, X, U and Z) and 6 standard sizes (24 x 42, 28 x 52, 60 x 36, 75 x 40, 84 x 40, and 96 x 40). Custom sizes are also available.


All the finish that is protecting these tables is Osmo Polyx, a hard wax flooring finish that is 100% food safe and durable, being used on hardwood floors. It comes in matte, satin and gloss, but our standard is satin unless specified. 


Our legs are installed with Rampa threaded inserts so they can be removed for delivery and reinstalled as many times as required. Our legs are black powder coated and durable; they also have a wide 5” top plate for extra lateral support.

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